About RedLeaf Designs

RedLeaf Designs is dedicated to producing the highest quality outdoor textiles you can find. From the legendary quality of our Bag Lady canoe covers to high-tech, ultralight drybags, stuff sacks, tarps, and more, everything we do is meant to make your experience in the outdoors less about the gear and more about connecting with the world around you.


Meet the Team

Jeremy Vore


Jeremy embraced the outdoors when he was a teenager in the early 1990s. Within a few months, he realized that having great gear often meant making it himself. So, he found himself at his mother's sewing machine making dry bags, stuff sacks, sea kayak tow belts, and much more. That drive to make uncompromised gear followed him through a corporate career that left him unfulfilled and searching. As he stayed up late on a winter night, sewing organic fitted diapers for his soon-to-be-born son in 2008, he decided to teach his children by example: he would find a way to combine his passion for the outdoors with his love of making things by hand. That was the beginning of RedLeaf Designs. The rest is history.

Cassandra Vore


Diversity is the common thread in Cassandra's life experience. She's been a high school teacher, a massage therapist, a non-profit education and outreach coordinator, and even a retail manager.  Today, she's one of the founding members of a vibrant life-schooling community in Marquette, Michigan, that encourages children to embrace learning through experience. When she's not facilitating a Nature Connection session in the woods or organizing a community cider pressing, she can be found in the sewing loft, where she's the co-founder, CFO, and operations wizard behind RedLeaf Designs.


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