Premium Polyester Canoe Cover - Multiple Color

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Bag Lady premium, double-knit polyester canoe covers have been the standard for over 42 years and have protected the life and appearance of thousands of canoes in that time.


Bag Lady covers protect the hull of your canoe from UV damage, fading, bugs, scratches, stone chips, and more when you're transporting or storing your canoe.


Previous owners attest to the benefits of protecting their canoes with the one and only Bag Lady canoe covers, reporting:

  • Less darkening and aging of Kevlar
  • Less oxidation and fading of fiberglass gelcoat
  • Less fading of Royalex
  • Less wear on wood canvas and cedar strip boats
  • Less required maintenance
  • Higher resale values


Bag Lady canoe covers are unequaled in durability and workmanship, offering a unique closure system, an impeccable fit, and top quality, Made-In-The-USA fabrics to protect your canoe. They are all made in our family sewing loft in Skandia, Michigan.​


Bag Lady canoe covers are ONLY available direct from the Bag Lady through RedLeaf Designs. Beware of imitations and look for the Bag Lady logo on your canoe cover!

  • Why Polyester?

    Our most popular and budget-minded fabric is a durable, stretch polyester double-knit. It's long-wearing and great for general protection from UV damage, road dirt, bugs, strap-rub, etc. This is the fabric that you probably have in mind when you think of a Bag Lady canoe cover.


    ​Note that polyester is not waterproof or water-resistant. This isn't a problem for most Royalex, fiberglass, carbon, or Kevlar boats, since the fabric breathes very well and dries quickly: water won't damage most canoes. 


    ​However, you may want to consider WeatherMAX 3D fabric if you have a wood-canvas canoe, oiled wood gunwales or trim, or store your boat outdoors in places with lots of sun or harsh winters.  

  • Pricing

    To determine the price of a cover for your canoe, find your make and model in our patterns list to see the cost. Make note of and select the correct Price Category when ordering in our online store.


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    Most premium polyester canoe covers cost $190 for canoes of up to 18-1/2 feet and with a hull measurement of 54 inches or less from gunwale-to-gunwale at the widest point. Longer and wider canoes will require an upcharge for the additional fabric.


    Multi-color covers can be made from any of our listed colors and will have an upcharge of $15 per additional panel. For example, 3-panel cover with navy blue end panels and a grey middle panel would have a $30 upcharge.

  • Delivery Time

    Most covers are made-to-order. In the winter, we're often able to begin working on your cover within a day or two and ship it within a week. During the busy spring and summer paddling seasons, we're often running a month or so out on orders. 

    Check the home page for our current lead time, as well as in-stock covers that are available immediately.

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