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The Original Bag Lady Canoe Cover

RedLeaf Designs is the home to the original Bag Lady canoe covers, offering the best protection for your canoe for over 42 years. 


These durable boat covers protect the hull of your canoe from UV damage, bugs, bird droppings, stone chips, and other outdoor hazzards during both storage and transportation. Customers have testified to less darkening and weakening of Kevlar hulls, less oxidation of fiberglass gelcoat, less fading of Royalex, less wear on canvas, longer boat life, less maintenance, and higher resale value . . . all proving that a proper boat cover is worth far more than it's cost over the lifetime of a canoe. 


We offer


While imitation is the highest form of flattery, The Bag Lady canoe covers are ONLY available through RedLeaf Designs. There are imposters out there, so beware and ensure that you have the one-and-only, original Bag Lady canoe covers by looking for The Bag Lady logo on each bag.